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 Homes and real estate for sale Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont, Montclair, El Cerrito, Emeryville, Richmond, El Sobrante, San Francisco, Point Richmond, San Lorenzo, San Leandro, S.F. Bay Area, Northern California
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Best & Co. is a retail brokerage service for investment properties including industrial, apartments, NNN and portfolio disposition. We provide real-time execution of 1031 Exchange. Best & Co. is headed by Pamela Crawford, Broker. The company is located in Berkeley, CA and serves clients throughout the United States, Canada and abroad.

RETIRE WELL OFF The Secret of Millionaires.

If you wish to receive $5,000 a month of guaranteed income per month, you need a nest egg of over $2,000,000.
The overwhelming majority of American millionaires made it in real estate.
The best chance to retire well is to invest your retirement fund in real estate.
Call me today to explore if real estate is the right investment for your needs.
Did you know that you can invest your IRA or 401K in real estate?
Yes! You can rollover your IRA (traditional, SEP, Simple, or Roth), and some qualified 401(K), Solo 401(K) and 403(b), etc. into carefully chosen real estate. When you invest for retirement, invest smartly in California real estate! I help people buy property that appreciate over time, unlike the volatile stock market, which has wiped out many years of hard-won savings and retirements.
Social Security provides 89% of total American retirement incomes.
An average American retires on about $1,250 per month. Only 2% of retirees are self-sufficient.
85 million people and most retirement funds are in the stock market, which can be volatile or stagnant. Mutual funds and stock brokers spend millions of dollars of your money to advertise to you to stay with them.
Only 1% of Americans' retirement money is in real estate!

Carefully chosen California and other real estate is a particularly profitable and safe long-term investment and is most suitable as an alternative to the volatile and under performing stock market. Carefully chosen California real estate provides the safety and security that an investor needs for retirement.
What is carefully chosen real estate? Properties in the growth path of major metropolitan areas with healthy economies. California has about 39 million population, the largest in the U.S., and grows at about 600,000 annually to reach 42.5 million by 2025. The only state on a list of countries, CA is the 6th largest economy on earth. It has a predictable time period for growth based on the demographics of the area and authoritative projections of population growth. Historically, real estate has produced the best returns among all investment vehicles available to investors.
ďA real life example”
The Bay area 30 years ago: an average home bought for about $30,000 is today worth about $750,000 or much more! That's about 30 times the original value. Do you know a better investment than that?
Roll over your retirement assets, languishing in the stock market, or getting almost no interest in a money market fund, into real California properties Let us explore with you real properties that can be even more profitable than this example.
A retirement investment must have a well-defined Exit Strategy. For properties in the growth path, the Exit Strategy is straightforward. Your IRA acquires properties at a low price before population arrives. Sell the properties when their value has appreciated enough to satisfy your retirement goal as population density increases. Meanwhile, your ownership is secured by a grant deed and title insurance, while the property experiences safe and predictable appreciation!

Most people will not have enough money to retire on comfortably to the end of their lives, but many have made fortunes through California real property over the past decades, securing their future. One of every eight U.S. residents lives in California. By 2050, Californiaís population is projected to reach 60 million people. Where will they go? Where jobs and affordable housing are available.

I help individuals roll their IRAs, Keoghs and 401Ks from under-performing stock and bond market equities into the same kind of properties that created many fortunes. Let's meet and we will show you how this time-tested strategy can best secure your retirement.


(510) 655-4781.
Rollover Your IRA into California Real Estate!

If you're planning to sell your home, office, multiple units or commercial properties, this free service is designed to help establish your property's current market value. Simply choose Market Analysis and fill out the requested information. I will use comparable sold listings to help you calculate the fair market value of your home.
Homeowners: For a free report "The 10 Dumbest Mistakes Smart People Make When Buying or Selling a Home...and How to Avoid Them!" call (510) 655-4781

RENTERS Stop paying your landlord's mortgage! call (510) 655.4781 and start saving today.
Renting can cost 7 times more than owning! Some key benefits of buying:
1. The Fed. Reserve Board estimates that Home OWNERS have a net worth nearly 36 times more than that of renters.
2. Over the last decade the cost of renting has increased an average of 3% a year, and are projected to rise 4.1% this year alone. With a 3+% annual increase, rent of $1,000 per month would increase every year to equal $137,567 after ten years, with NO WEALTH ACCUMULATION.
3. By contrast, buying a $210,000 home, town home or condominium with a down payment of $10,000, with a 20-year fixed rate mortgage at 6.5% would cost a steady $1,100/month and GIVE you a net WORTH of $138,521 after 10 years. Your home can be your piggy bank.The historic annual appreciation rate around the country is 4.5%, and higher in the Bay Area. Every month renters send out checks for hundreds of dollars to their landlord. At the end of the year there is nothing to show for this money other than the empty check stubs. A Free Report called "How to Stop Renting and Own a Home Instead" has just been released. This report shares little known ways to buy a home which most renters are unaware of. To get a copy of this free report, simply call (510) 655.4781 now for "Seven Steps to Success," and start living the life you've dreamed. Now is the time and you can have your own home.It doesnít make sense to pay rent when you can pay the same money and own a home instead. Before you pay another dime of rent, call NOW and find out what your landlord would prefer you didnít know. It's EASY to buy a home, condo, town home or loft.

We serve as a "direct link" to the Multiple Listing Service, and will help you learn abut the best homes BEFORE the competition! We'll tell you about ALL of the homes for sale meeting your criteria regardless of which company has the listing. YOU tell us which homes in which neighborhoods you want to see, we don't just show you a few & try to convince you to buy one of them. .For a free report "The 10 Dumbest Mistakes Smart People Make When Buying or Selling a Home...and How to Avoid Them!" call (510) 655-4781
We help you find the right neighborhood, the finest home, the best value, All at NO COST to you!
e-mail Call me at (510) 655-4781 for any of the following FREE, no obligation reports:
* Buy a lovely home with Little or No Down Payment.
* Your Credit Report is Costing You too much.
* The Biggest Mistakes in Financing a Mortgage.
* Banker's secrets.
* Pre-approval is better than Pre-qualifiying BEFORE you look or Make an Offer.
* How the Well-to-do Finance their Homes.
* Avoid Paying Private Mortgage Insurance. How?
* I could have saved you $139,000 if you'd just asked.
Behind on your payments? Call today
Don't get discouraged. We can help you. If you're facing foreclosure, call (510) 655-4781 and let us help you be free of your problems.We buy non-performing laons.

Looking to purchase the vacation property of your dreams? Whether you are looking for Timeshares, Houses, Condominiums, Land and Campgrounds. I can help you buy or sell. Check out our massive database for great deals!

Looking to sell your timeshare? Itís quick and easy to get your property on the market and sold in no time at all!

Although most realtors spend 90% of their time looking for new business. I devote all my time serving you, exceeding your expectations, serving you beyond one transaction, to your confident satisfaction. Your phone calls are returned, questions answered and loans and escrows closed on time. You get the extra attention you deserve.

Don't miss our FREE Brochures  Buyers - let me help you make a successful offer. Don't wait for the market to change, get your dream home now.  Sellers - I assist in negotiating a better price, terms, and make your transaction and move smoothe.

Land, Industrial, Investment and Residential Real Estate
BA, MS, L.Ac., CCIM candidate, member NCCAR

I assist buyers and sellers with commercial & residential and income property. I also manage property, with 29 years experience. I represent clients in the purchase and sale of single-family residences, commercial and income property within the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, El Cerrito, Piedmont, Montclair, Orinda, Richmond, Hayward, El Sobrante, San Lorenzo and other S.F. Bay areas. I've sold properties from Point Richmond in the East Bay to acreage in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Los Gatos. With three decades of experience, we can confidently say we specialize in all aspects of residential real estate. From your primary residence to a special second home...we can assist you in every step of the way. California real estate law has progressed greatly over the years and the purchase or sale of a home is now even a more complex process and one that certainly requires an experienced professional Realtor.

Representing people in the sale or purchase of real estate requires patience, tenacity, knowledge and commitment. This process can be one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and we do everything in our power to ensure you and your family a positive experience.

My mission is to provide a high level of service, for lifelong relationships one at a time - for you to be so satisfied that you'll call me for future real estate needs and refer me to trusted friends and families. I am an active income property investor, have lived in the Bay Area for over 3 decades, have a degree in Education from the University of Washington, and years of professional health care experience. I'm a Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM) candidate, member of NCCAR. I've traveled and worked around the globe many times.
My commitment is to ensure you smooth, predictable, understandable transactions and a positive experience, so that anyone you refer to me will be glad you did.
(800) 656-9399

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